Student Examiner- Examination Management & Reports

Examinations play an inevitable role in the academic activities of every educational institution. It includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable scheduling to creation of progress reports. Redback Student Examiner module is an outstanding system module that can be used effectively for the comprehensive management of examinations conducted in schools. The fully automated functionalities of this module help to save the time and effort of the administrator.
Redback Student Examiner module is a powerful exam management engine, which helps the teacher to create a single or cumulative examination report and provide it to the student. Using a broad spectrum of examination protocols, this module not only incorporates the challenging demands of the school regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity, but also sports matchless features such as exam schedule, detailed score analyzer, graphical/numerical presenter, e-alerter and much more. The efficient systematization and easy-to-use functionality of Redback Student Examiner makes it a priceless tool for every school.