Parents Portal

It’s widely recognised that the child performs better at school if the parents are more involved in their education. Greater parental engagement in students’ schooling often motivates the child to do well. Redback Parents Portal helps to establish and maintain this interest by keeping regular and reliable communication and sharing of information between the school and pupils’ families.
Redback Parents portal is an online web platform designed mainly for parents/guardians to interact with teachers and other staff of the institution. It is a creative & practical web based collaboration between the teacher & parents. This parent interface module is a confidential and secure platform which allows registered parents or guardians to access school-related information about their child in real-time. Parents can login using their unique ID and password to track information regarding their child. They can view student data including attendance, fee status, exam schedules, marks, progress details and various other reports. This school ERP system helps parents to get timely updates about their child and school activities, thereby bridging the communication gap usually forms between teachers and parents.