Get the best restaurant billing software in Vellore

Redback is the leading top Restaurant Billing software in Vellore. We help you to increase your sales, customer satisfaction and reduce inventory cost. We have a restaurant billing software with GST enabled one stop solution for all types of restaurant business. Our software manages Billing, Order Management, Customer Management, CRM, Reports etc.

Restaurant billing

What is Restaurant billing software?

A Restaurant Billing software is a program exclusively designed to simplify restaurant billing operations. Aside from providing a smooth bill creation experience, a good restaurant billing software also provides the restaurant owner to accept cashless payments through multiple gateways, split or combine bills, and keep track of every sale made.

Why do restaurants need a restaurant POS software?

A Restaurant POS software simplifies the daily operations in a simple manner such as:
- Managing recipes and menu items
- Improving employee experience by improving automation
- Processing orders faster by generating kitchen order tickets (KOTs)
- Delighting customers with discounts and loyalty rewards
- Monitoring inventory and cutting down wastage costs
- Generating actionable insights through real-time reports

Restaurant Management Software That Prioritises Profitability

  • Table management
  • Menu management
  • Recipes management
  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen order tickets (KOT)
  • Multi-kitchen functionality
  • Tax billing
  • Dine-in and take away options
  • A multitude of business reports
  • Discounts and special offers