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Web Design

The middle of the year is always a great time to think about a design change. A design change which can bring in new business or a change which people appreciates. What more is best to change, than your website design? Your website is your virtual office, a place which can be visited by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With increasing competitions everyday, your website design should not only be attractive but also user friendly and above all it should fall within the new trends in web designing. Like fashion, web design also changes its trend quite often. The launch of new devices and retina screens has significantly changed the way websites were designed. Gone are the days when websites were considered only as an information medium, its more of an interactive medium now.

We at Redback Studios, a Chennai based Web Design Company, update ourselves with the latest trends in website designing. We move on par with the industry adopting new technologies and styles as we progress. We constantly have training sessions for our team, educating them in new trends and technologies used in web designing.

We would like to emphasis few of our observations in web design which will dominate the web design field through the next year or two.

Gradient Out - Flat Design In:

Apple ripped off all its gradient graphics in iOS7 closely following Windows 8 design. You could now observe most of the major players are now getting rid of flashy graphics and using straight and flat designs.

Circle has become Rectangle:

Circles are being replaced with sharp edged rectangles. Tile based designs are getting popular both in web and mobile environment. Tiles with plain simple colours are the new mantra.

Less Colours - More Attractive:

This year you would see many websites using only one or two colours instead of flashy colours all over. Websites with bright and clean background, one strong primary colour will stand out. Neat and simple is going to be the new attractive.

Fonts for Scanning, Not Reading:

These days we don't read a web page in detail instead we just scan through our eyes. We identify a particular area in a page and then read in detail. So fonts should be used in such a way to attract glances. Big, thin fonts is going to be the order of the day. Action buttons, call for actions, contact captures, promotions, offers, business USP's primary services are all going to be done with big fonts.

Less Reading - More Visualising:

1 image is equivalent to 1000 words. Images are going to convey solutions, services, products etc. Concept based images will be used all over web pages with minimum contents to convey businesses. With invention of retina screens, pixel perfect and high quality images will play a vital role in web designing. Image optimisation for performance and faster loading will play a significant role in coming days.

View from your Hands; than your Table:

With increasing smart handheld devices, accessing internet for information has shifted from table tops to palms. Websites should be designed not only for computers anymore, it should be designed for mobiles and tablets as well. Responsive websites will dominate this trend and very soon all websites will be responsive.

If you want your website to be trendy please don't hesitate to call +91 8189985551 or email [email protected], with your requirements. Our experts are always willing to provide solutions to your requirements. We are a web design company based out of Chennai & Hosur.