Redback IT Solutions  offers an extensive range of solutions which helps the clients to implement the best practices in the industry. We Provide Voice-Process, Non-voice Process, Data Conversion, Lead Management, Offshore Marketing. etc.,

XML data conversion
XML Conversion is the process of converting data from a specific format into an XML format. This is achieved by using some of the rules specified by the XML language. Converting data into XML makes the data more presentable and user friendly. The data is changed into XML making it highly reusable and also enabling a more efficient information delivery system. Our stringent sales and operational activities driven by the strategic team have contributed tremendously to the organization’s development and in achieving our goal to emerge RBS as the key player in the global healthcare industry.

PDF conversion
Converting to PDF format includes converting books and reports to PDF, microfilm to PDF, tiff to PDF, microfiche to PDF, gif to PDF and various others. Conversion from PDF format to other formats include PDF to text file, PDF to JPG, PDF to IMG, PDF to MS Word, Excel, PPT and various others.

HTML conversion
HTML can come in handy, when your customers visit your website and get information about your business. However, HTML cannot be used for your offline marketing documents. You can use HTML conversion services, when you want to convert your HTML files into a PowerPoint presentation, PDF document or a RTF document.