Get the best Warehouse Management billing software in Vellore

We are the best Warehouse Management Billing Software in Vellore Online & Offline based Working. Cloud is a large-scale retail organization, selling a wide variety of consumer goods on the principle of self-service. It is a retail trading organization which resembles departmental stores but has a distinctive feature of self-service.

It is a large scale retail trading organization housed in a large-size premise dealing mostly in numerous varieties of food products, including groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat, confectionery and dairy products.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

  • Configurable Modules and Sub Modules
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Commercial Storage, HHG Storage , Transit Storage & Storage Billing Cycle
  • Sales - Website Enquiry, Target List, Enquiry Costing/Estimation (Manual and Automated, Multicurrency, Customer Contract, Rate Request, Similar Rates Comparison) Quotation (Online Quote Acceptance), Sales Planning, Calendar, Task, Notes, Text Message, Email.
  • Customer Support:- Job / Work Order, Complaints & Action, Insurance & Claims, Feedback, Track Storage.
  • Inland Logistics or Operation - Job Management, Crew Instruction, Task Management, Inventory List, Fleet or Vehicle Management, Delivery Note, Daily Job Schedule, Packing Material Allocation, Consumption and Return
  • Core Warehouse Features
  • Vendor Management - Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Good Received, Goods Return, Stock Overview, Stock Consumption Details and Service Receipt
  • Billing and Accounting - Complete accounting system with Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budgeting and Job Cost Details.
  • HR & Payroll
  • Label Creation and Management
  • Customer Service Portal - Customer Login, Track Storage, Web Query, Online Payment
  • Logistic Inventory App - All Onsite Storage activities can be managed Location, Date & Time.
  • Integrated Moving/Removal, Freight Forwarding and Trading Solutions