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  • Course Duration10 Weeks


Designing a website is all about creating web pages for running online businesses that help in building a connection between the business and the customers in a way to interact as well as entertain. It is being produced to meet and solve the daily challenges faced in promoting products and services.

Our Redback Studios training course will help you get real-time learning on live projects that help you become an expert web designer.


This course doesn't require any prior programming knowledge. Basic computer science knowledge will be enough to get started with this course. In case you wish to brush-up your skills, Redback offers you a complimentary pre-recorded course for The Complete Web Designer.

  • Anyone with a graduate degree
  • Knowledge of using computer
  • Basic internet skills

Course Highlights

  • Up-to-date modules focusing on the current industry needs.
  • Boost your skills to motivate creativity and innovation.
  • Structured learning with live projects from day one.
  • Additional practical sessions with expert faculty training.
  • Internships are also available while pursuing a college degree.

Web Designing Syllabus

HTML is the basic requirement of any web application or websites. So, students who want to be a perfect web design and developer must strong in the basic part. We will give the clear cut knowledge of HTML Tags and usage of Tags in practical manner.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Structural Elements and Attributes
  • Tables
  • Working with Layouts
  • Multimedia
  • DOM
  • HTML Tags
  • Formatting HTML documents
  • Linking Web Pages
  • Special effects
  • Managing forms

Without CSS knowledge no one can able to design professional web layouts. CSS part is going to help the web designer in defining the styles of each HTML Tags. There are many types in CSS. Our Web Designing Training in Chennai will discover all the aspects in CSS Zone.

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inheritance and cascading order
  • Exploring CSS class and ID attributes
  • Block eleven elements
  • Various types of styles sheets
  • Formatting text, fonts, colours and Background
  • HTML Tags
  • Fundamentals of Document Object Model(DOM)

After getting enough knowledge in static designs we started to train the students in dynamic languages. We chose PHP and MySQL for that. Reason for that is simple. PHP is the most powerful front end dynamic language in this world. So, by using PHP Training our students convert the static designs into dynamic websites.

  • Fundamentals of PHP Development
  • Advanced PHP Functions
  • Objects
  • Various Database concepts
  • How to work with forms and system file
  • Secure PHP Programming
  • Cake PHP
  • Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Various Data Types
  • Classes
  • Advanced OOPS in PHP
  • Cookies and Session Management
  • Error Handling
  • Performance Optimization of PHP Applications
  • Debugger
  • AJAX

MySQL is a perfect open source RDBMS which will use by most web applications. Our Web Designing Training in Chennai combined both PHP and MySQL® in static pages to build a complete Dynamic application. We trained the students to work with MySQL to build a custom CMS.

  • Introduction to MYSQL
  • Relational database Models
  • Entity Relationship modelling
  • Database design
  • Distribution Database Management System
  • Data Warehouse
  • File systems and databases
  • SQL
  • Normalization of database tables
  • Transaction Management and Concurrency
  • Database in e-commerce
  • Data Base Administration

There is no introduction needed for JavaScript. JavaScript® is client side scripting language which we are going to learn in this Web Designing classes. JavaScript is going to help in various ways in real-world projects. In validation areas and client interaction areas there is no other replacement language than JavaScript.

  • Introduction
  • Statements Syntax
  • Values & Variables
  • Operators
  • Statements
  • Event Handling
  • Timing Events
  • Functions